With a wealth of knowledge from being Managers of various big cleaning companies in this area, we decided to set up our own cleaning company and so DAS Cleaning Services was born in 2006 with the help of our family. By 2013 we were a limited company. Fast forward to 2024 we are still thriving and although some family members have left us, we still hold the family values dear and we have wonderful staff members that are like family to us.



Our list of clients is endless, with factories, offices, showrooms, commual areas of flats, serviced office blocks, schools, sports venues....

For the last  three years we have also been managing Air B'n'B's for our clients. 


We do not undertake dommestic cleaning, we will leave that to the hundreds of companies set up for that purpose. 














With just one email, we can arrange for a visit so that a bespoke package can be created to suit your premises, needs and budget, by our own specialist who will work with you to ensure your package is exactly to your requirements.


You will never find any surprises on our invoices and our rates are extremely competitive. 



Our team members are fully trained, DBS checked and wear our uniform.


We are well aware of our carbon footprint and we are doing our bit by using as much plant based chemicals as we can and we recycle and reuse as much as possible. We will also help our clients to be more eco friendly where needed. We are always trying out new products that come on the market, to see how well they work and whether we can use them to do a good job. 


Our priority is with our customers and our staff, to insure that everyone is happy. We are always just a phone call away.   


Email now for a free no obligation quote.


Tel:    01227791824

Tel:    07885710301

Email: sales@dascleaningservices.com